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Find out if your landlord is facing foreclosure...for FREE!

There has been a lot of action behind the scenes here at CheckYourLandlord since our last blog, and we're happy to be back with a BIG announcement!

Our pre-foreclosure notice report, which will tell you if there are any notices of default filed against a rental property, is now available for FREE!

We have decided that this crucial piece of information should be available to every renter, as easily as possible.  Now, just enter the rental property address into CheckYourLandlord.com, and we'll send you a report in less than an hour that will tell you could be facing the foreclosure of your rental property.  There's no more need to navigate confusing county records offices or websites.  We give you information in an easy to understand format, utilizing our comprehensive data source access.

Once you've taken advantage of your free report, keep up-to-date on any future default filings against the property with our pre-foreclosure monitoring service.  Stay one step ahead of your landlord, so you'll never be surprised by a foreclosure sale.

Of course, when you are considering a rental property, there are many more factors than notices of default that should be checked, and our comprehensive landlord verification reports provide all of the information you need to make a smart decision.  We'll verify the property ownership, check the landlord's criminal and civil records, and find out if the landlord has declared bankruptcy.  You can't get this combination of information, in an easy to use and understand format, anywhere else.

Every renter should be aware of the dangers of foreclosures on their rental home.  Pass this along to your friends and family, so that they can be empowered with this information, too.  Now that we are offering this service for free, there's no reason that any renter should be in the dark.